The Psychology of Photo-Shop (Public Document)

Every year you see pictures on the left and right side of you while you are getting your groceries. Or maybe you went to get a haircut in your local salon and you are waiting, and decide to pick up a magazine of the latest Vogue. What do each of these scenarios have in common? Photo shopped pictures galore. Nowadays it is very rare that you see non-edited photos on the Internet, latest cover of GQ an even in the comfort of our own cell phones we have become use to the fact that every photo that we see has been edited. Whether we filter it on Instagram, or have high tech photo shop programs that reshape us from a size 8 to a 2.  As we pondered on the subject we were curious on the fact if it has corrupted the minds of young students between the ages of 12-14. We then decided to present to a class of sixth graders and our results were quite impressive. At first our group had a discussion and we decided to make a hypothesis on what we would have expected from our presentation with the class. We figured that since all these kids were very young they didn’t have any type of social network. The three of us decided to collaborate a PowerPoint presentation that would grasp the student’s attention and would allow them to be involved and feel comfortable enough to have group discussions as a whole.  We also decided to create a survey that we would then allow us to create our own statistics. We ended up presenting this to two classes and were able to add both classes’ surveys. The four questions that we asked we were able to grasp their opinions on Photoshop.


The following is our Survey Questions:


  1. How many of you would prefer the edited/Photo-shopped image of Katy Perry?2.
  2. Do you think people should edit their pictures?3.
  3. Do you have a Facebook, Instagram or any other type of social network?
  4. 4. Do you edit your photos?


To our calculations there were 34 students total from the two classes that we surveyed. From those 34 students we found out that:


-17% of boys said yes to editing their photos.

-24% of girls said yes to editing their photos.

-45% of boys said No to editing their photos.

-14% of girls said no to editing their photos.



The results we found were interesting because it made us think about the difference between boys and girls. We found it ironic that there were more girls that edited their photos than boys and that made us realize that there are more magazines that exposes more woman that men. It starts earlier with girls than boys, and that is why there are so many new campaigns that encourage young girls to be themselves. For example, the “BE KIND” campaign by Lauren Paul.  We only hope to evaluate the way we edit our pictures. And even then maybe we need to start influencing girls to not edit their photos at a more younger age.


John Mark McMillan Interview, Part Two

The Blah Blah

I started an over e-mail interview with John Mark  McMillan yesterday over here, and today you get the second half.

The Blah Blah: Describe your process of writing songs.  Where do most of your lyrics come from?

John Mark McMillan: For me it usually starts with sounds. I just begin to experiment with chords, sounds or words until something strikes me as interesting. Then I experiment more in that direction. I rarely sit down with a specific topic in mind. In fact I usually just kind of mumble to myself for awhile until I find a group of words that seem to be aesthetically pleasing or particularly powerful for some reason. I just kind of vamp until I like something I’m hearing, then I begin to pick it apart and ask myself what I’m trying to communicate.

That’s when I let myself get more intellectual with the song…

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I Want to be Broken.



I want you to shatter the bones in my feet.
So that I may dance in the shadows of death with no fear. (Isaiah 52:7)

I want you to break my hands to the point where I can no longer write.
So that I may lay hands on the sick, the heartbroken, and the lost. (Matthew 9)

I want you to fracture my ribs.
Fracture them so that I may feel you between my rugged bones. (Exodus 33:14)

Lord, infect my lungs with a loving conviction.
So I can breathe in your holy spirit and feel your fiery wind wrap around them.(2 Timothy 3:16)

I beg for my heart to be ruptured in various colors of scarlet, and smothered with your mercy and grace.
So that I may share the gospel with my brothers and sisters laced with blood bought promises. (John 3:16)

I want you to crack my brain.
So that I may learn to be humble, receptive and Obedient to your words. (Ecclesiastes 7:25)

And blind my eyes.
For they will be rejuvenated like a child's first sight on a fourth of July,
and broadened with the God perspective. (Luke 11:33-16)

Break me when I have lost my keys and I am running late for my 8 am English class.
Break me when I want to be selfish and don't want to treat people fairly.
Break me when I am running on two hours of sleep and I just want to curl into
a bed and give up.
Break me when my heart is aching and shattered from a friendship, family, rejection and failure. Break me with grace, mercy, love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, comfort, prayer, compassion, peace, justice, healing, faith, wisdom, hope, wisdom, knowledge and obedience. Whatever you need to do. However you need to do it. I give in to all the shattering you will do to my life. Bring the storm. I WANT TO BE BROKEN
Yours Truly, Cassandra.

God doesn’t care about your happiness.

Before you begin to question my title, lets take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Bigger than you and me in the physical world.

For as long as I could remember, throughout all high school I, Cassandra, was a hopeless romantic. I loved being in relationships. I loved being able to finish my homework, only to then call the boy and talk for endless hours on the telephone. I can distinctly remember the way my previous ex-boyfriend and I spoke sometimes, so infatuated with one another. Just a couple of kids throwing a ball back and forth. At the time, that was my happiness. I was so “In love” with him. I used all my energy, ALL my passion into this relationship that would eventually leave me broken. BUT I was happy. (Silly, silly, girl.)

Now over a year later, here I am, less than two weeks of my senior graduation. Less friends, no boyfriend, not going to Oral Roberts University, and I am not very happy.

I feel very lonely actually…

Now keep in mind, all this is by feeling, and by what my flesh wants.

BUT WHAT DOES GOD WANT? (here comes the boom)

This past Wednesday, my youth pastor gave us a sermon about being rooted in the Revolutionized Adam, which is Jesus Christ. Having that identity, and by identity, I mean living a Christ like life, being able to surrender complete dependency in Christ. There was specifically one thing that he said, that sent a red light towards my view.

“God doesn’t care about your happiness, he cares about your holiness.”

The holy spirit conflicted my heart and mind, this one sentence was wrapped around my body, squeezing each word into my ears like a forceful q-tip.

“But God, don’t you want me to be happy?”
“Of course I do, but I KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU, if you learn to be obedient in my commands, all will go well for you.”

My loneliness, isn’t God’s interest. I believe that all these recent losses of friends, no boyfriend, and loss of dreams on leaving the valley this year. Is because God’s interest on my life is to learn how to be dependent on him, and trust him with my life. I think he wants to prove to me, that I can still be a whole person without the best friends, the boyfriend and the dream school. Those things do not define me as child of God. These things are just add-ons to life. I’m still struggling with my flesh, but every day I am closer to realizing that my holiness is more important than my happiness.

Yours truly, Cassandra.

Basics in the Valley (Obedience)


Tears slid down my cheeks as the voice on the other line congratulated me with a $1o,ooo.oo scholarship. Why am i crying you ask? Shouldn’t I be grateful you might think? Of course I am thankful, but little do you know. You see I was interviewed for $20,000.00  scholarship. Had I gotten the full amount I would have had a full ride to my dream school. But God had a different plan.

As i hung up the telephone, I felt the ache in my heart. I could hear all the smirks and “I told you so’s”, in an ignorant and hallow tone. I could feel all the dream killers’ negative vibes over the one thing that I wanted most in this world. I felt like i lost. WHAT HAPPENED, GOD? I THOUGHT THIS WAS YOUR WILL? DIDN’T YOU PROMISE ME ORU? I rummaged around my desk to find my Ti 90 calculator, just to make sure my calculations were correct. But even a fancy mathematics tool couldn’t sweeten the numbers on the screen. There stood the total amount of loans I would have to take out for my first year of Tuition, Room and Board, etc. My heart sunk into my belly at the thought of having to pay $14,550.00 PLUS interest. That was the end of my dream, Oral Roberts University was out of the picture. My mom walked in on a puffy eyed teary little 18 year old slumping on her bedroom floor. Defeat was written all over my face, and as for me, with my tail between my legs, had to tell my mom that I didn’t get the scholarship. After the hugging and crying, along with some more crying my mom told me to pray about it and stand on the promises that God had over my life. Pray about it? Mom the last thing I wanted to do was pray about it. But I still did continue to pray and declare scripture I had put over my life.

The next few days passed and I felt as if I wasn’t connecting with God. I never received a word or a sign and at this point I was becoming flustered and stressed out. Then Wednesday came around. As Im dancing in the back area of the youth building during worship, the holy spirit entered my mind and says,”Halfway”. Now being me, im oblivious to these kinds of things and it takes me a LONG time to process what goes on in my head. I continue thinking about what what “Halfway” means.

So get this, im sitting in service while my youth pastor is giving a great lesson on how to be spiritually connected with God (Great stuff). And it just hits me, halfway meaning I stay in my hometown for 2 years to finish basics. Now you can ask anyone, and they will tell you that I have always been so against on staying in the valley and attending The University of Pan American. I just never liked the thought of staying….EVER! But now that this command has been handed to me by God I cant allow myself to be disobedient towards him.

Its still a hard pill to swallow, but my dreams to ORU aren’t over. My dreams towards Oklahoma aren’t over. And when I think about it now, I know im going to work twice as hard while Im down here at Pan American because my goal is towards ORU. These next two years I will continue to be obedient and keep my eyes on the prize. I will not allow any type of distractions to enter my life. I can not afford to let anything veer me off the path he has marked for me. Plus, you always have to look at things from a perspective. I get to start up a Youth Discussion Forum on my own for my Youth Group and I get to be involved in our College Ministry. VSF (my youth group) means the world to me, so while Im here i will make the most of these two years and contribute to my community. Obedience is far better than sacrifice and I am learning what it means to follow under his will. I just hope these next two years fly by ;-)

Yours Truly, Flyin Free



Eleanor and String Therapy

You were born into my arms at an empty parking lot next to a Carnival on a Chilly November Night. Lights were blazing around us as if foretelling the adventures we would endure together. You were so delicate and tuned in strange majors that were so foreign to my being. I was a new parent, a sole handler to a beautiful Ibanez Acoustic Guitar. This was only the beginning of my love towards you.

Eleanor has changed me for the better, if there is one thing that this six stringed beauty has done for me. It is the peace and tranquility that she brings when my soul has been wounded. I have learned to focus all of my negative energy into learning, and teaching myself technique in attempting to create music.  All my emotions are put into this beautifully curved body of an instrument, and all of my pain absorbed into the hollowness only to be rebound by the vibrations of whimsical tunes into the grasping air. Tonight, just like every other night when I play, I feel free. I feel happy.

I never understood the relationship between man and instrument. But now that i am a beholder of one. I am so glad that I took that initiative in purchasing Eleanor.  She’s always there, ready for me.  She is the most intricate non-living thing that ever walked into my life.


Yours Truly, Flying Free.

Sigh No More

A year ago from today, I was in love. Eleven months ago I was broken. Six months ago I began to heal from my wounds. Three months ago I was finally letting it go. Now, here I am.

I remember that night in March, crying in my mother’s lap, finally realizing what it felt like to be heart-broken. I always thought that feeling would stay, but day by day it is slowly fading away. I am the literal proof of a healing heart. Of course it still aches every now and then. But I look at the strength that I have accumualted over the past months from the pain. I finally see the girl that I once was, a better girl than I once was actually. I never thought that I would ever be able to obtain this feeling, and now its as if I Can almost taste it.

What is that feeling you might ask?

Independence, and Happiness.

I need to live my life as its meant to be, and for once I know I have the willpower to do so. This past year has changed me, and change is good whether I may like it or not. Ive learned that sometimes its good to be on your own. Ive made beauty out of my ashes and im rested and ready to begin my new chapter. It’s time…

Yours Truly, Flyin Free